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Design and marketing course for small business owners and artists, 

Launching November 1st 2020!

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Lesson 2 - Style Guide

Create the rules for your brand. Having a consistent look for all of your content is key for building your brand. We will look at how to choose legible fonts that compliment each other and set a colour scheme for your brand. 

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Lesson 3 - Logo Design

Create a logo that represents your brand and is scalable to look good at any size.  

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Lesson 4 - Social Media Promotion 

Create consistent social media content following your style guide. We will create multiple deliverables for this class including banners, profile images, and posts. 

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Lesson 5 - Print Promotion 

Create a poster, postcard, or business card following your style guide. We will also look at how to format documents for professional printing.

About This Course 

My goal since starting Payton G Design five years ago has been to help local businesses and artists create, manage, and promote their brands. As a graphic designer, small business owner and professional dancer I understand the design needs of businesses and artists. I realize many businesses and artists are struggling due to COVID-19 and wanted to offer a course that is accessible and teaches you how to take branding and promotional content to the next level. 

This online course includes 5 classes that you can do at your own pace, each class includes an hour of one on one mentorship after task completion where I can answer any questions you have about program use and to help improve your designs. 

Upon course completion - 20 hours including classes, homework, and mentorship - you will have created a brand style guide, logo, social media banners & profile photo, a week's worth of social media posts, and a promotional print piece. You will gain general knowledge on design, making future projects outside of the course aesthetic and consistent with your brand. 


If you have basic understanding of some of these areas and want to take a specific course, that is also an option and will include additional mentorship time. Payment plans for full course may be discussed.

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Early Bird Registration 

Before October 25th, 2020 

25% off of regular course price. All courses and mentorship included. 


Desk Computer

Regular registration

After October 25th, 2020

Access to full course material listed above and one on one mentorship.  



single class registration

Any time

Access to one course and two hours of one on one mentorship.  


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